about me

My name is Kek Siew Shun. I'm 21 years old and I come from Seremban Negeri Sembilan. I study in Segi College Kuala Lumpur.I'm taking Diploma In Business Administation because I feel that is quite a easy course comparing to other courses. Besides that, I have been studying in College Matrikulasi in Negeri Sembilan before for 1 year. During that time, I feel very stress and must work hard to learn what the lecturer teached. Evey week must have presentation and tutorial class for evey subject. In other hand, I feel I'm more independent when I was study in College Matrikulasi. This is because everything must done in myself.I like watching movies, dramas, shopping, chit-chating, and travelling with my friends whenever im free. When I feel stress, I will listen to music and play badminton with my friends. I will feel more happy and relaxing after doing this activities. I also like to watch Hong Kong dramas because the story is funny and I like the actress and actor.My favourite dessert is ice-cream especially the Cornetto brand chocolate and vanila ice-cream. When I feel sad or have a bad mood,I will eat my favourite ice-cream.But, after eating the ice-cream I will keep my mind to have 'jogging' My favourite singer is LEE HOM, WU ZHUN and DANIEL WU because there are vey handsome and very tallented.The colour that I like the most is white, blue, and black... I like to read magazines about fashion, and about entertaiment. in my families,i have 4 sisters, 1 brother. and parents im the youngest anyway. lol.. I have working before and my first time job is to be a promoter in Terminal One while waiting for my result comes out. I working just for 1 months and I gat some experienced from my job.Before I working, I have a bit shy to communicate to anybody but after working I felt that I not shy again and I can more communicate with the customer and friends. Additionally, I have take part in camp organization by the College Matrikulasi before and this is my first time to take part in this camp. I went this camp for 3days, there are 2 activities that I'm unforgetable, the first activities is jungle traking. When I walked into the jungle with my team member I felt that very "scared" because I affaraid that I will be "lost" in the jungle. But when we arrive at the top of the jungle I felt very fresh air because there have a small waterfall so we sit down for a while and take a break at there then I forgot the feelling of scare lo haha... and my second activities is flying foxe, I felt that very excited and wanted to play again and again. I also like to watch Korea drama this is because their story are more toughing and romantik especially Autumn In My Heart and I still remember the toughing screen. Beside that, I also like to watch the Singapore drama like "Phua Choo Kang" cause the character are more funny haha.. if you want to know more about me, do add me at siewshunkek@yahoo.com

Monday, November 24, 2008

My family

My father is a carpenter and my mother are not working cause she is a housewife.. My brother is a chef working in hotel and I always respect him. My oldest sister are working in Singapore, My second and third sister are working in Seremban and my fourth sister still studying in Sabah. And me just study in Segi College.

Singapore Trip

Last few months, I went to travelling with my sisters in Singapore for 3days and also visit my oldest sisters who working in there. First day, we went to Sentosa and plays all the activities, visit the underwater activities that have various types of fish and also take photo at there until night.Second days, we went to the Singapore Zoo, we saw many animals at there, we saw the Collabear show under water and I felt that the Collabear is so big size and very cute. Beside that, we saw 3 White Tiger that relaxing under the tree and 1 of the White Tiger relaxing under water. We also saw many small penguin and kangaroo at there. Third days we just have shopping in the Vivo City. haha...

Friday, November 14, 2008

the funniest movie!

recently, i watched this movie in cinema, MONEY NO ENOUGH. i planned to watch this movie bacause alot people kept on telling me that this show is very funny and touching.
from the first part till the middle part of this movie, it was so funny. i laught till my stomach pain. LOL.. :p
but at the end part of the movie, the show is like so sad. even got people crying in the cinema. but not me of course.. haha..

stress day!

last few weeks ago.. we have lots of coursework to be done. me and my friends kept on complaining on the coursework and have alot of strees. so we planned to go for karaeok and window shopping to clear and relax our mind and to throw all the stresses from our brain.

all of us are very happy after what we planned work out. all the stresses gone and we went home happily after that.
but then, i still have to continue doing my coursework after getting back home. but im happy cause the singing and hanging out with my friends made my day... :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


last month, on saturday. FERRENHAI was here in Malaysia. i went there just to see them and to take their singnature. but i didnt manage to get their singanture because they are just here to let us know the date of their concert.
i felt disappointed as they didnt sing any song. aih.. relieve!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

my birthday.

4/7/08 Friday
During this day, I feel very happy because today is my 21st birthday. When I enter the classroom, my friends wished me'Happy Birthday' and gave me present. I'm very surprised because they have decided to celebrate my birthday after class. At 8pm. we all went to the Western Restaurant. When we arrive we order different sets of foods. While waiting for the food to come, me and my friends have a little chat about our favourite things in our life. After finish the food, we went and watch movies until midnight in GSC in Leisure Mall.

lee hom

lee hom
my favourite singer

wu zhun

wu zhun